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About UBTS

The Uganda Blood Transfusion Service is the National Blood Service responsible for all blood transfusion and safety activities for the entire country. The Uganda Blood Transfusion Service was established as an autonomous institution and commissioned in January 2003 by a Board of Directors. It operates within the framework of the National Health Policy (NHP) and the Health Sector Strategic Plan HSSP).

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Our Vision

An effective, efficient and sustainable Blood Transfusion Service in Uganda

Our Mission

To provide sufficient and efficacious blood and blood components through voluntary donations for appropriate use in health care service delivery.

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Blood Testimonies

Learn of the people who have been saved by your blood donations! These would definately inspire you to become a blood donor; because Safe blood saves life.

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Blood Drives

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BDR's Weekly Programme

This UBTS BDR Weekly Programme enables you our user find the nearest blood donation point nearest to you. With this initiative, UBTS is bringing the blood donation exercise closer to you; in your neighbour, home town and trading centre.

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UBTS web resources

We have a range of resources you can get use of to enjoy your UBTS web experience such as publications, reports, banners, information, leaflets, video and audio files.

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