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It may not be posiible for you to give, at times we may ask you to wait for a certain period of time before donating again. To save donors from wasting time and their efforts, this page is meant to address some of the most queries about ones eligibilty.

If you have any medical condition, or have a question about yor eligibility to give blood, please check the health and eligibilty and health and travel sections for booking an appointment. Reminder, if you intend to cancel your appointment or realize you can't make it, please call us on our Tool-Free +256 0800 122 442 so that we can give the opportunity to another donor or reschedule your appointment as well.

Can I donate blood if I am taking antibiotics or have an infection?
One must be complete healed or recovered form any illness to qualify to give blood for at least fourteen (14) days before giving blood. That's the time after your last tablet. Please check the health and eligibilty section for more information.

Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo or a body piercing?
If you had this done recently you may have to wait before you can donate again. Please follow our advice about giving blood after a tattoo or getting your body pierced.

Can I give blood if i'm on medication?
We will need to check that you are eligible. Your question of if or not you can donate will depend on the medication you are receiving and the condition you are being treated for. Please check the health and eligibilty section.

Can I donate if I am pregnant, or have recently been pregnant?
During your pregnancy, you are not able to give blood. If you had a blood transfusion during your pregnancy or at delivery then you will not be able to become a blood donor. Please follow our advice about giving blood during and after pregnancy.

Can I give blood if I have had cancer?
Our advice depends on the type of cancer. Please search for the relevant cancer in our health and eligibilty section.

Can I give blood if i have a UTI?
You may donate blood if you have been symptom-free for at least 2 weeks and have not used antibiotics for at least 2 weeks. This applies to regular bladder infections. If you have a chronic bladder infectionor a bladder infection due to a particular cause. Please sevisit our health and eligibilty section.

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