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Participate in our success

Everyday we hope to save thousands of people with blood and platelete transfusions. We encourage and would like you to be a part of this success story.

Become a donor

Unfortunately, we are currently short of blood despite the current surge in malaria outbreak country wide resulting from the previaling rains over the previous months. But only you can help by booking online, making you a donor.

Corporate and Civil society initiatives

UBTS is glad and calling upon all corporate and Civil Society Organisations in the country to rally with her to engage the public in blood donation activities in their various capacities.

Promote blood donation

You can help promote and support us to rallly people to donate blood in your family, community, society, and friends. Can make use of our free-to-use resources to get the message to the people with these readily availed materials.

Become a partner

Partnerships with organisations help us reach more people, increase the number of blood donors, and hence save more lives.

Share your story

Have you given blood, received blood, platelets, or tissues. If you have a story and glad to share it, you could inspire others to do the same.

Join our team

Thinking of embarking on a new career that would let you make a difference in so many people's lives! Working with us would let you achieve that.

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