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Only that are fit and healthy can give blood.

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Your blood type in detail

Is it worth knowing your blood type? Think it is! Find out about your blood type and whose life you could save.

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Failed to book a blood appointment

For whatever reasons, we apologise for that! But can call us on our Toll-Free on 0800 122 422 to reserve one for yourself between 09:00 AM-04:00PM Mon-Fri.

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We urgently need blood

Urgent need of 50,000 units of blood to stem the surging malaria in recent months that has led to acute anaemia espacially among infants.

Dear Client, Colleague and Friend,
Grant Thornton Uganda in conjunction with The Indian Association, Uganda joins hands with Grant Thornton International with its member firms in over 145 countries to celebrate September 20 as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Day.

As a part of our CSR Strategy, Grant Thornton Uganda is committed to contribute towards Health, Education and Skill Development. Download invitation here

Please proceed to #GrantThornton Blood Donation Drive to read more.

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