11th AfSBT Congress

30 March, 2023


Kampala, Uganda - The Republic of Uganda, is set to host the 11th Africa Society for Blood Transfusion (AfSBT) Congress in the Capital City, Kampala. It's the first time Uganda is hosting the congress. It will bring together leading experts and stakeholders in the field of Blood Transfusion from across the continent, under the theme "Safe and New Sustainable Blood Services in Africa, New Clinical Advances, ICT Innovations and Technologies in Transfusion."

As precursor to the event, Uganda has launched preparatory meetings, Dr. Dorothy Kyeyune Byabazaire, the Executive Director of UBTS, said "We are thrilled to be hosting the AFSBT Congress in Uganda. This is an opportunity for us as a country and health sector at large."

Uganda Blood Transfusion Services (UBTS), is a body under the Ministry of Health, responsible for all blood activities in the country by ensuring availability, accessibilty, appropriate use and accountability of safe blood and blood components. UBTS is mandated to make available safe and adequate quantities of blood and blood components to all hospitals in the country for proper management of patients who are in its need. UBTS has made a significant contribution to Uganda's Vision 2040 and to the SDGs 4,5,6 by providing safe blood and reduction of mortality especially children and mothers.

According to the World Health Organization Guidelines, a country is considered self-sufficient of safe blood if it collects blood to the tune of 1% of its population. Uganda's total population currently is 45.7 million people (est.UBOS 2020) and projected to increase to 55.0 million by 2025. This translates to demand for safe blood at about 457,000 units of blood and projected to be 550,000 units by 2025. With a refugee population of about 1.6 million people, the demand for safe blood is estimated at 473,000 units.

The Congress is expected to attract thousands of delegates from across the globe, provide a platform for experts from different countries to share knowledge , experiences, and best practices in the blood transfusion as well as networking.

The selection of Uganda to host the 11Th Congress was after a rigorous evaluation process by AFSBT. Several factors, including the country's infrastructure, medical facilities, transportation, UBTS achievements and the Government's commitment to the success of the congress.

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